C++ Program to Find Power of Number using Recursion

C++ program to find power of number using recursion.

C++ Program to calculate exponential of a number using recursion

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int getPower(int base, int exponent);

int main(){
    int base, exponent, counter, result = 1;
    cout << "Enter base and exponent\n";
    cin >> base >> exponent;
    result = getPower(base, exponent);
    cout << base << "^" << exponent << " = " << result;
    return 0;

int getPower(int base, int exponent){
    /* Recursion termination condition,
     * Anything^0 = 1
    if(exponent == 0){
        return 1;
    return base * getPower(base, exponent - 1);
Enter base and exponent
3 4
3^4 = 81

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