C++ Program to Access Elements of an Array Using Pointer

C++ program to print elements of an array using pointers.

C++ Program to print elements of an array using pointer

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){
   int array[100], num, i;
   cout << "Enter Number of elements\n";
   cin >> num;
   cout << "Enter " << num << " Integers\n";
   for(i = 0; i < num; ++i){
      cin >> array[i];
   cout << "Array Content\n";
   for(i = 0; i < num; ++i){
      cout << *(array+i) << " ";
   return 0;
Enter Number of elements
Enter 6 Integers
7 3 2 5 9 1
Array Content
Enter 6 Integers
7 3 2 5 9 1

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