C Program to Calculate Compound Interest

In this C program, we will learn about how to read principal amount, rate of interest and time from user and calculate compound interest. We will first read Principle amount, rate of interest and time using scanf function. We will use below mentioned formulae to calculate Compound Interest (CI).

Required Knowledge

  • Amount = P x (1 + R/100)T
  • Compound Interest = Amount - P
Where P, R and T are Principle, Rate of Interest and Time respectively.

C program to calculate compound interest

#include <stdio.h>  
#include <math.h>  
int main() {  
    float principle, rate, time, amount, interest; 
    printf("Enter Principle\n");  
    scanf("%f", &principle);
    printf("Enter Rate of Interest\n");  
    scanf("%f", &rate);  
    printf("Enter Time\n");  
    scanf("%f", &time);  
    /* Calculates Amount */  
    amount = principle * pow((1 + rate/100), time);  
    /* Calculates Interest  */ 
    interest = amount - principle;
    printf("After %d Years\n", time);
    printf("Total Amount = %.4f\n", amount); 
    printf("Compound Interest = %.4f", interest);  
    return 0;  
Enter Principle
Enter Rate of Interest
Enter Time
After 3 Years
Total Amount = 129502.9141
Compound Interest = 29502.9141
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